Pico Unicorn Pack / Audio Pack -- Conflicts?

Hey all! I had questions about the Unicorn Pack and Audio Pack for the RPi Pico. I was wondering if it was possible to use them together with the Omnibus expander. I looked at the pinout diagrams for both of those packs, and saw they use some of the same pins:

Audio Pack

  • Pin 12: I2S_DATA
  • Pin 14: I2S_BCK
  • Pin 15: I2S_LRCK
  • Pin 29: MUTE

Unicorn Pack

  • Pin 12: SCLK
  • Pin 14: LATCH
  • Pin 15: BLANK
  • Pin 29: SR0

I’m really new to this, so I’m wondering if this means that they are in conflict, and cannot be used on the same Omnibus board?

I looked at the Pico Display Pack, and it appears that there are fewer conflicts with the Audio Pack, just a pin used for LED_B.

(However, when I looked at the product page for Pico Decker, I saw both Unicorn Pack and Display Pack running together on the same board despite sharing pins in common on the pinout diagram, which made me call into question my original understanding of the issue.)

Thanks for your help! :)

As far as I know yes, they’ll conflict then. the LED_B pin on the Display Pack just controls the level of blue in the RGB LED, so you could probably do without that, but you also may have to tweak the software a bit so that both boards don’t fight over the pin. I’m not certain how easy that would be.