Pico + Wifi + Display

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I’m thinking of a project and would want to use the raspberry Pico. My issue is that I would need both WiFi and to drive a small display. I looked at the Wireless Pack and at the Display Pack, but it seems that the pins would cause an issue when using an Omnibus.
Would it be possible to use both if I remap some non-critical pins in the code and use a breakout board?

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If your not going to use the SD card slot on the Wireless pack I think you’ll be fine. Near as i can tell from the pinout, that’s what is using the SPI pins. You can have two devices on SPI, as long as they each use a different CS pin, and its looks like that’s how it will end up anyway. As a backup you could just cut the two traces for the CD card data lines. That will isolate it from those GP pins.
You’ll have to do something similar on the display with the RGB LED traces. The display will still work without that RGB LED. The trace cut spots are marked on the back. And you can undo it latter on by soldering a jumper wire in to bridge the gap.

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Thank you @alphanumeric!