Pi Pico WH with Pimoroni Pico Display Pack


I was just about to purchase a Pi Pico WH in order to give my clock (with Pimoroni Pico Display Pack) some WiFi abilities. Some of the pins that the Pimoroni Display Pack uses seem to also be used internally by the wireless chip of the Pico WH (according to the specs). I am under the impression that this combination would not work at all.

If that is the case then, is Pimoroni considering creating a new version of the Pico Display Pack that would work with the Pico WH?

(Edit. Posts below have shown me that I have made a couple of mistakes and that my assertion is incorrect)

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I don’t think that is correct. The wireless chip needs some care if used together with ADC, but this is not related to the display pack. Which pins do you think conflict?

Sorry, I should have put a question mark against my statement as I just don’t know whether or not it would work and I am seeking guidance.

According to what I’ve found elsewhere (and I hope it is OK to reproduce here):

  • GPIO29 OP/IP wireless SPI CLK/ADC mode (ADC3) to measure VSYS/3
  • GPIO25 OP wireless SPI CS - when high also enables GPIO29 ADC pin to read VSYS
  • GPIO24 OP/IP wireless SPI data/IRQ
  • GPIO23 OP wireless power on signal

But maybe these are OK as they can be shared?

(Edit: Sorry, I’ve confused pin numbers with GPIO numbers - there doesn’t seem to be any conflict after all).

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I have a Pico W running two Display Packs. Custom wiring but display 1 is wired to the stock pins on the Pico W

Be careful not to confuse Pin number with the GPIO number.
Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Pinout

The Display Pack pinout is showing pin numbers.
Pico Display Pack (pimoroni.com)

Near as I can tell, the SPI used by the WIFI is not the SPI used by the display. 6:30 AM here, just barely getting fully awake, lol.

Ah, many thanks alphanumeric. It has been a while since I did any Pico development. I does look like I confused the pin numbers and GPIO numbers. Doh!

Your not the first, and won’t be the last to do that. Been there done that. ;)