Pico Wireless crashes PicoDisplay

Running my Pico Display Workout program with a Pico Wireless connected crashes the display when I press Button A.
Does anyone know the pinouts of the Wireless module and which pins are disabled when the marked track cut points are cut?

This information would be useful on the product page.

Positive note: The MicroPython example for the Wireless add-on works very well and setting up is easy. You can control the colour of the RGB LED on the board with your phone - still glows slightly with (0,0,0), unfortunately.

Hi Tony

Wireless Pack Pinout is now up on the product page, hope that helps!

Odd that button A is causing problems - it’s hooked up to the same pin on both boards. Could it be the next step of the code that’s crashing the Pico perhaps?


Thank you.

Why is GP2 connected? Is it the RGB LED?

GP2 is connected to GPIO0 on the ESP32 and I believe its used to put it into programming mode.

The RGB LED is also connected to the ESP32 - here’s an alternate version of the pinout showing how things are hooked up!

(and a zoomed in version):

Thank you. Much more complicated than I thought.