Pico w breakout garden with OLED display via SPI

Hi there, I am trying to use

  1. Pico W
  2. the pimoroni 1.12" Mono OLED (128x128, white/black) Breakout – SPI 1.12" Mono OLED (128x128, white/black) Breakout - SPI
  1. the pimoroni breakout garden pico-breakout-garden-pack?variant=32369506254931

The software that is referenced in the description of the OLED display (see link above) with the luna package and so on, seems to be suitable for a “real Raspberry Pi” but does not wok for the Pico W (the picow runs out of memory when trying to install the packackages).

I found the following Micropython script:

But the Micropython script seems to be developed and tested for ESP8266. On the pico W, I don’t see anything on the OLED display if I run this script.

Any support would be appreciated!

I may be wrong, but I believe that only the i2c OLED breakout is supported at the moment on the Pimoroni Pico uf2’s.

In my own tinkering i’ve only managed to have the i2c version running, never the SPI.

Try here:
GitHub - peter-l5/SH1107: MicroPython driver for SH1107 OLED displays (128x128 and 128x64 pixels)

Thanks @Tonygo2 ! I tried the code you are referencing for SH1107 (using the Pins used in the SPI demo script and adjusting the resolution from 128x64 to 128x128). But unfortunately, the OLED display still does not show any reaction. It looks quite dead! :(

I have the same issue as well… whatever I try, no reaction from the display using the referenced SH1107 driver…

Did you ever figure it out?

Untill now, no success with the OLED display and the Pico w