Pico W Inky - MQTT Subscription (pulling data from Broker)?


I’m looking for some help / guidance on how to continue with my project. I’ve currently got an active feeds to the Adafruit IO MQTT broker on two Pico W enviro boards (weather & grow), and I now want to be able to pull the latest published data from the MQTT broker so that it can be displayed on my Pico W Inky Frame.

From what I’ve seen (& tested) thus far is that the subscribing device needs to be constantly listening for a new feed to the broker, rather in simply pulling the most recently published data, however this isn’t deal for a battery operated device as I’d like the Inky Frame pico to enter deep sleep for a period of time & pull the latest data when woken.

I’ve tried following a number of guides, but they all seem to have an active listening device and pull data as soon as it is published - such as:

If it is not possible to pull data from an MQTT broker after it has already been published, then my backup plan is to try & pull the data from a Google Sheet document - which is updated by the Broker in order to store historical data.

Any tips / links to other resources would be appreciated.