Pico w & rgb keypad

Hi, i have a pico w connected to rgb keypad and I can’t find something ready to use as a macro pad for windows
I noticed that all the guides are referred to the original pico, and circuitpython is not available for pico w

I am the only one with the pico w connected to the keypad or there is something ready that i can download to use it as macropad?

MicroPython doesn’t have USB HID support yet, which is why all the keypad/keyboard stuff uses CircuitPython.

There’s a beta build of CircuitPython for Pico W available now though, you could give that a go? You will probably also need to grab the matching drivers from the v8.x.x library bundle.

I installed the circuitpython beta, the adafruit dotstar, and the pmk library, i loaded a test and it works, thanks

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I don’t suppose that’s on the radar for the near future? would love to take a crack at some interrupt based stuff using those ever so wonderful state machines since circuit python doesn’t support PIO IRQ

That’s probably a question for the MicroPython team - there’s an issue about it here that you could follow? Raspberry Pi Pico: Exposing USB device support · Issue #6811 · micropython/micropython · GitHub

I can see some recent PRs relating to USB HID so looks like folks are working on it :)

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