Pico RGB Keypad Base and Neopixel

The Pico RGB Keypad Base has APA102 addressable RGB LEDs and the Keypad buttons are connected via a TCA9555 IO expander, but the custom MicroPython firmware for the KeyBow 2040 has modules for the WS2812 LED (NeoPixel) and the IS31FL3731 PWM LED matrix driver and the Keybow keys are connected directly to GPIOs

Will the MicroPython examples for the Keybow 2040 work equally well for the RGB Keypad Base?

The pico_rgb_keypad example does, indeed, work with the Pico RGB Keypad Base. I have not investigated the library, but I assume it detects which keyboard is attached before compiling the code.

It is the Keybow that does not work. Keybow support is via CircuitPython and not MicroPython. The Keybow gets HID and MIDI support. Perhaps the RGB Keypad Base ought to be transferred to CircuitPython if there is going to be a long delay in HID and MIDI support in MicroPython.

I have, also, tried to get the PicoSDK to work in a few IDEs without success. I think that Raspberrypi.Org should join forces with Arduino and ADAFruit CircuitPython as both platforms are way ahead of the current Raspberry Pi development platforms.