Simple programming of Pimoroni RGB Keypad for PICO

I have just been given an RGB Keypad with PIco H as a present and am trying to program it without success.

Attempt 1) I have loaded the Pico board driver into Arduino IDE. I can run simple generic programs. However, I can not find the Pimoroni library for the ARDUINO environment.
=> attempts to program the RGB keypad fail.

Attempt 2) I have tried to download the Pimoroni Pirate Brand MicroPython. However, my PC complains of missing CDC Board driver. (Win 7 64 bit) I am having difficulty in locating a suitable driver.
=> attemp to program the RGB keypad also fails!

Ideally I would like to program the Pico using the Arduino IDE environment with a suitable library which supports the RGB keypad.

Please advise



I have several of those RGB Keypads here.
Circuit Python on the one I use daily as a USB HID device.
The other two have Micro Python on them, but thats about all.

The keyboard is handled by a TCA9555 IO expander (I2C address: 0x20).
And the LED’s are 16 x APA102 addressable RGB LEDs

The IO expanded is basically this, if that helps?

IO Expander Breakout (