PicoGraphics Disable Dithering for Inky Frame

I’m playing with my new Inky Frame and I’m a bit dissatisfied with the built-in dithering of PicoGraphics.
I also have an Inky Impression, for which I rolled my own dithering based on the work of someone who has put a lot of thought into it.
I find the PicoGraphics dithering to be less appealing, with more of a screen door look to it. I still have the means to perform my own dithering, so all I really need is a way to disable the built-in dithering in PicoGraphics for the Inky Frame. I saw this discussion about disabling dithering, but that appears to only apply to RGB332. Any way I could get that enabled for the Inky Frame palette as well?

You might best opening this as an issue on pimoroni-pico so our software team can take a look?

There’s a lot of controversy at Pirate Towers over what the best kind of dither is :D

Done: PicoGraphics feature request: disable dithering for Inky Frame · Issue #681 · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

Yeah, makes sense, not really one easy answer.

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