Picographics Library - Can you use ttf fonts or other more scalable fonts?

I am using the Inky Frame 5.7 with Pico onboard. Previously I have used the 4inch verison on the raspberry pi so could just use pillow to draw everything i needed including text. When it comes to fonts in the picogrpahics library the selection seems limited with the bitmap and a few hershey ones which look blocky. Is there a way to use ttf fonts with picographics so you can get better qulaity if the files are stored on the sd card? If not is there a way to create much larger higher quality fonts offline and import those?

Fontforge allows you to create bitmap-fonts from ttf. It is fairly simple. One problem is the size. I once created a subset of bitmap-fonts for a PIC MCU, which had a much smaller memory size.

@bablokb thanks for pointer, will have a look and see if this will work.

Found this guide on Fontforge for anyone else lookinhg at this: