PIM366 with Raspberry Pi

I have connected the PIM366 to a Raspberry Pi 3 A+, and am noticing the the connection is intermittent. Has anybody seen this behavior. Have used other I2C devices, and we have no issues. I am using i2cdetect tool to check the connectivity.

Female header soldered to the PIM366?

No, We have soldered the male headers and wire wrapped. Is there a need for a pull-up resistor?

No need for pull up resistors. Not as far as I know anyway.
Wire wrapped with a wire wrapping tool?
How long are you wires from the Pi to the PIM366?

Yes, wire wrapped with a tool, and they are 9".

Ok, that should work. i2c wires the same length?

Yes, they are of the same length. These are precut wires.

Ok, I’m out of ideas, other than maybe a bad solder joint or something?

Was able to resolve this. Was the Pi problem. Bad Pi. I2C interface failed.

That doesn’t happen very often, from what I’ve seen posted etc. Nice to have actually sort it out though.