Pimoroni Automation Hat Mini Elixir Library

Hello all,
I would like to use the Automation Hat with Elixir, specifically Nerves if anyone here is familiar. However, the Automation Hat (Mini) only has a Python library. I have searched through this forum and found some related posts (I am limited to only 2 links per post so I’ll share the two I found most helpful for what I’m trying to do):

I’m not super familiar with hardware in general, so the API link above was the most helpful as it listed a couple datasheets for using the Automation Hat (Mini). I know ADS1015 is an ADC, but SN3218 is an “LED Driver” and I wonder if I need that in order to use the Automation Hat mini? It doesn’t appear to have any LEDs, I’m just not certain if there is functionality that isn’t actually LED-specific and perhaps an “LED Driver” provides more functionality that turning an LED on/off. Are there any other datasheets that I’d need in order to use the Automation Hat with something other than Python? That link mentions wiringpi but I think there’s an equivalent Elixir library already (Circuits GPIO).


The full sized Hat has the LED’s and SN3218, the mini doesn’t have either. ;)

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Thanks @alphanumeric ! Also, this library seems to be able to do what I want with Elixir in terms of at least reading the analog inputs ADS1115 — ads1115 v0.2.1

If any other Elixir devs find this post, I figured out how to do it all in Elixir: