Using Automation Hat with MRAA

I’d like to use Automation Hat with the MRAA libraries. I am able to control and read the binary inputs and outputs, but the lights don’t synchronize with the switches as they do with the Pimoroni python libraries. In fact it seems that none of the lights are controllable with GPIO.

Can anyone tell me how to control the lights on an Automation Hat (without using the Pimoroni python library)?


Pinout is here, The LED’s must be addressed by a chip on the Hat.

I would think the SN3218 is what is driving the LEDs. Its i2c address is 0x54, so in theory you should be able to do what you want over i2c. There might be some trial and error involved to sort out what LED is where?.

The SN3218 (as its name suggests) will drive 18 LEDs.

Power, Comms and Warn are LEDs 17, 16 and 15 respectively. And the rest are passed as the last parameter to various Output/Input/AnalogInput and Relay (last two in this case) objects here: