Pimoroni MicroPython reference docs

Hi, where can I find the module reference documentation for the pimoroni MicroPython library?

This is the repo GitHub - pimoroni/pimoroni-pico: Libraries and examples to support Pimoroni Pico add-ons in C++ and MicroPython.

I can find lots of specific examples README files scattered throughout the repo but I can’t find a list of what functions are available in the top level pimoroni module.

I’m particularly interested in reading input from a button and from an analog input.

If there is none I would be willing to help trying to set up some sphinx docs if that would be of interest.

Pimoronis UF2 is a specially baked MicroPython version. It mainly implements a lot of drivers in C++ instead of providing them as MicroPython libs.

For basic MicroPython stuff (e.g. digitialinout or analogin) you will find all you need when you google for the MicroPython port for the Pico. This is also valid for all of the Pimoroni versions of MicroPython.

This link should help:

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