Pimoroni unicorn lib does not work wit SK6805 LEDs


I’m using successfully a “unicorn pimoroni unicorn phat”. Now because the shape is not pleasant to me for final design I made my own PCB.
But instead of the WS2812 (neopixels) on the Hat I’m using the SK6805-2427 because of the smaller size.
I made 10 boards and 5 of them seems to work fine. But 5 of them are showing random Colors.
I made som measurements and noticed the control signal from the pi is not according to the Datasheet from WS2812 or SK6805 and the datasheets are different but both are sold as neopines.

Is there a way to mod the control Signal? (mainly low high timing frequency is fine) To make my SW work with the SK6805 LEDs and the same Lib?
(I’m using the node-red integration and do not like to establish new interfaces)

Thanks for Feedback


The Unicorn HAT library is based upon the open-source rpi_ws281x which is what’s actually doing the heavy lifting. While I maintain a release of this for using with Unicorn HAT, I don’t have much insight into its internal workings. See: https://github.com/jgarff/rpi_ws281x


SK6805-2427 LED Datasheet:http://www.normandled.com/upload/201810/SK6805-2427%20LED%20Datasheet.pdf