Unicorn Hat HD issues - no examples work except the Demo


I’m quite new with pimoroni and just got my Unicorn HAT HD .
I try to run it on a raspberry p zero where also the JustBoom - Amp Zero is attached to -The Raspberry runs as a RFID-jukebox (PhonieBox) and got several GPIOS configured ( Buttons/RFID-Reader/ OLED screen/ LCD Display) - so quiet a few devices that have been configured and I’m not sure but they might cause the issues I have with the Unicorn Hat HD but I’m not sure.
So the unicorn seems to work somehow as I could run the demo.py from the examples folder after installation. But except for the demo.py only the lines.py, stars.py and rainbow.py are actually generating output on the HAT where all others are just leave the screen black!
What I did was I followed the instructions and installed the library ( first auto script then to be sure also manually) and haven’t got any error or Exception.
When I now try to start some the examples they almost don’ work at all.
No error when I start the examples but the Hat just does nothing.
The examples that are working are the demo, stars, line, and rainbow - but they appear to be really really slow - So they stuck for seconds during the animations all the time. There is no flow and it looks more than pictures put together, similar like of a photo-slideshow hangin each time a new picture is loaded.
Can someone share some knowledge on how to troubleshoot such behaviour or even had similar issues and got them resolved-
I’m not sure were to start loking for the issue as the programm execution seems to be normal as no errors or faults are dispayed.

Thanks in advance


Glancing over the examples I can’t seem to find any commonalities which would indicate why the handful you list work (almost) but the others don’t.

Do you have any entries in your /boot/config.txt relating to SPI or config changes to SPI speed anywhere in your system that youre aware of?

Is the LCD display you’re using SPI?