Pimoroni weather hat running on microcontroller like for example the RP2040

Hello folks.

I recently got myself the Weather HAT + Weather Sensors Kit. I’m wondering if I can run it on a microcontroller rather than a RPI. It is hard for me to install the anemometer, windvane and rain meter in a location where they can get good measurements when I have to use a Pi for it. Distances from the house, protecting the pi from the elements and if I tried to use a battery a Pi drains them fairly fast.

These sensors seem to have many libraries that work with them both for the RPI and the most common MCU’s and I may be wrong but it seems logical to me that a MCU can read and write to the relevant pins just as well as a RPI. I can also use something like LoRa to send the data to a server that can work with them. The biggest bonus may however be that a MCU can run for a long time on pretty small batteries.

I would most likely be using micropython or circuitpython to program the controller, so I think it should not be very hard to modify the code that comes with the kit to the MCU,

So I’m asking you if you think it may work or not and if not why, also if anyone has any ideas on better ways to set this up.

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Steinþór (Steinthor)

I think it’s doable with some custom wiring. I’m in the process of building an equivalent Pico based setup with Breakout Garden breakouts etc.
Pi Pico based Weather Station Project - Discussion / Projects - Pimoroni Buccaneers

My plan is to put a Pico in a box on the pole with the sensors. Then send the readings via WIFI to another Pico inside to display the readings. That’s the plan anyway.
My code shows how to read the sensors. And it could be edited to use the one 240x240 display, once you remove the BME688 outside readings etc.
How good are you with Python coding? It will be a little work but should be doable.