Pirate Audio and RFM69 on a Pi Zero

I am trying to get an Adafruit RFM69 SPI radio module running on a Pi Zero with a Pirate Audio sound and display module using Python. It’s basically a wireless doorbell. Both devices are connected by SPI.

Once I initialise the display (ST7789 driver) it will not recognise the RFM69 until I completely reboot the Pi. I have tried different Chip Select lines for the radio module, but no better. It isn’t possible to use the second SPI because the pins are used for other things on the Pirate Audio.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Is it maybe the display setup
that’s messing things up for the RFM69?
I’m running multiple devices off of SPI0 and SPI1 but they are all identical displays. The 0.96 ST7735 LCD’s.