Help with Pirate Audio


I have been working on a Raspberri PI Zero and a Pirate Audio 1W speaker. I believe I have properly updated the PiOS by using

sudo apt update,
sudo apt full-upgrade,

And from what I can see I have properly upgraded them.

My issue is that I have performed the auto install,

git clone GitHub - pimoroni/pirate-audio: Examples and documentation for the Pirate Audio range of Raspberry Pi add-ons
cd pirate-audio/mopidy
sudo ./

And rebooted my Pi as directed how ever I still only have blank screen (with backlight so I know it has power) the buttons do not work and I have yet to see the IP address/URL that is apparently supposed to show on the screen. The screen its self just sits blank like when its first attached to the pin connectors.

I also am a complete layman when it comes to understanding code so any assistance is greatly appreciated.