Pirate Audio Hat Audiobook Player

Just wanted to share my little audiobook player project.

I am using a Pirate Audio Hat on a Pi Zero as a simple audiobook player. The app lets you choose an audiobook, navigate in it, set a sleep timer and toggle wifi on and off. I run it in Openbox after booting. Playback is handled by python-vlc.

Our audiobooks are all in m4a format and quite long, so it is sufficient to load only one file at a time.

More info and code at Github Audiobookplayer


Hello Jenny. I found your posting on Pimoroni forum. I am interested in such project. Iam about to receive my first Zero2W and Pirate Audio 3W, I assume they will work together. Since your installation some two years ago have done any updates/ upgrades to your setup

Thanks for your input

Calle Blyh / Helsinki

the project is only a few months old. I’ve been using the player every day since publishing the project. Works for me. If you try it out and have specific questions you are welcome to ask.