Pirate Audio Line Out with Volumio

Hi - I need some help with Volumio plugin for the Pirate Audio DAC.

I have a new Pi Zero WH and Pirate Audio Line Out DAC.

I have cloned Volumio from another working Pi setup and plugged it into the new Pi Zero. When turned on it’s visible on my laptop and I can see my music library, etc. I selected generic i2S DAC audio output as the Pirate Audio DAC wasn’t an option listed…

After installing the Pirate Audio plugin from Volumio (I got a success message):

  1. The Pirate Audio screen is blank. I can see the screen backlights are on but noting else.
  2. When I press play on a track from my laptop I get the message: Error: Failed to open “alsa” (alsa); Failed to open ALSA device “volumio”: No such device

Can anyone point me toward a solution or a set of instructions? Thanks

Does the second Pi Zero have a newer version of Pi OS installed?
I “think” alsa was dropped / replaced at some point?

Hi alphanumeric. I used cloning software (Win32 disk imager) to make an exact copy of my working Volumio installation and put it onto a new microSD card that I’m using in the new Pi Zero. It should be noted that my original Volumio is installed on a Pi3B, not a Zero. Could that make a difference?

I don’t think so, but I’m far from any kind of expert in this situation.
I have the 3W Amplifier version installed on my itty bitty beat box. It was years ago when I set that up though. And a very old version of Pi OS on that Zero W. It just plays sounds when you tap the touch pads.

And my pirate radio is still using a pHat Beat.

Your going to have to wait for somebody who knows the ins and outs of alsa etc to chime in.

I’ve replaced my cloned Volumio copy with a freshly downloaded and installed version and problem number 2 above has been resolved. I can play music through the Pirate Audio DAC. It sounds pretty good.

Problem number 1 remains. The display of the Pirate Audio DAC is blank. All suggestions welcome. Thanks

I would say you will have to go through, what you did the first time around to set it up?

I’m not currently using my display. I did install what was needed to test it.
pimoroni/st7789-python: Python library to control an ST7789 240x240 1.3" TFT LCD display. (github.com)