Pirate Radio as alarmradio

Hi, I’m Simon and I supprised my 4year old kid with a Pirate Radio.
We did the physical build together, software I did alone. It wasn’t easy to get VLC-radio working with the latest version of Raspbian/Raspberry Pi OS.
A tip: It would have been nice if the manual was more detailed. I’m no expert in Linux. I only can do the basic, the same with understanding how everything works. I hoped to learn more than just type “curl … | bash” ;-)

My kid likes this song “Piet Piraat” (search youtube ;-) ) and wants it to play each morning at 08.00 so he knows he can get up.
So I used samba to get “Piet Piraat.mp3” on the Pi, I put it in the playlist with the internet streams + a map with some Iron Maiden cd’s and it works without problems.

Now I know I should use “crontab -e” to give the raspberry pi instructions for what to start, but…
I don’t know how(or what) to use the same daemon/service that’s starts with the boot-up that makes the vlc radio work…
I just can play a song with vlc, but then I can’t use the buttons and it will play 2 songs at the same time if the vlc-radio was still running.

Can anybody tell me what I should put in the crontab so I can reproduce the startup?
Hmm! I found myself a (bad) solution! command to restart the pi :’)

If someone knows something better, please let me know!