Pirate Radio newinstall with raspbian 11-29 and oneline installer


I made a new install using RaspBian-11-29 and used an apparently updated oneline installer for vlc-radio.
It works (both Full and Lite versions), but I cannot get it to play my own internet radio streams. It seems the filestructure has changed from my first installation some three-four weeks ago, and I cannot locate the right default.m3u file containing the playlist. Where should I search ? I found one default.m3u in /Pimoroni/phatbeat/projects/vlc-radio/vlcd/etc/vlcd containng a playlist, I edited that to suit my radiostreams but after reboot the device anyhow doesnt play according to my own playlist. What to do ?
Thanks in advance

What I’ve been doing is putting my SD card in a reader and plugging it into my Windows PC. Then I copy my playlist.m3u to the root of the partition that shows up. Boot I think. Then when I boot up my pi that playlist gets moved to and replaces the default playlist. I know where the actual file is, but would have to boot up that Pi with a monitor to get the path correct to post here.

Do you still get the pop sounds when changing channels? VU meter working OK? I ask because I’m still running Jessie on my Pirate Radio. If the pops are cleaned up I’ll redo it with Stretch.

Thanks for returning. Still no success getting my own playlist to work. VU meter working after checking advices according to https://gist.github.com/Gadgetoid/3301cec3e47495e75b31d3120d8f17d9
There is some cracklin towords the end of the boot process. After a very short test changing channels I have experienced pops and cracks
All for now, continuing tomorrow

Try sudo nano /etc/vlcd/default.m3u

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Thank you very much. That made my day.

Good stuff, enjoy your tunes.