Pirate Radio have to push button to start it on boot up

I’m running the Pirate Radio on a Pi Zero W + pHat Beat, Raspbian Stretch (Full).
I seem to remember reading that you now have to press “next” or “back” to start the stream (make it play) on boot up. I have no problem with that, I would prefer it just played though. But does doing this also change the channel / station? My Pirate radio never seems to start on the station it was on when I shut it down?

A secondary question is, is it possible to have it start on a particular station on boot up, regardless of what station it was on when shut down?

I don’t know if this has a bearing on my issue but I never unplug my power supply. I shut down via the power button on the pHat Beat and just leave it powered. When I want to use it again I press a button I have wired to the run pins on the Pi Zero. That boots it up again.