Pirate radio crashing after 2 minutes

Greetings from Bogota

I have this fault: The internet radio (Pirate Radio) is working correctly for about 2 minutes and then goes off

I installed three times:

  1. 2017-03-02-raspbian-jessie-lite
  2. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  3. curl https://get.pimoroni.com/vlcradio | Bash

In different micro SD memory

I have board 2 raspberry pi zero w, with both presents the same fault.

I have only 1 pHAT BEAT

When you connect the boards alone without the pHAT BEAT, they start correctly, connect to the Wi-Fi and never turn off.

Thanks for your suggestions and guidance

Try pushing the power button on your pHAT BEAT a few times to see if it’s working properly, it sounds like it might be registering as pressed and shutting down your Pi?


Apply the recommendations.

When turning off and restarting the rbp zero w, sometimes it starts with the volume to the maximum, making a terribly loud noise, which forces me to disconnect the power supply, because via web, It does not respond to reducing the volume level. Neither does it respond by pressing the Volume Down button.

The shutdown via command #cli shutdown, but all the time starts and then completely turns off the rbp zero w and the pHAT BEAT

I do not know what to do,

Any suggestions thanks,

Gonzalo Gabriel

it sounds to me like all your buttons are permanently grounded. If you tried against a completely clean OS, one that you are sure does not have any service or dtoverlay applied then it is likely a fault with the pHAT BEAT.

That said, try the below first:

  1. disconnect the speaker(s). You don’t need sound output for these tests.
  2. start the Pi and after loading the daemons the VU should flash once.

… if the VU does not flash, that may mean the phatbeatd daemon is not running, though that wouldn’t explain the problem. Try:

sudo service phatbeatd restart

the buttons should affect volume and the VU will reflect the volume change (you can confirm the level via the web interface however, if you want).

If that sorts it out, reboot the Pi, again without speakers connected. If the button do not function again, then you need to check what is going on. try:

sudo service phatbeatd stop
sudo apt-get install raspi-gpio
sudo raspi-gpio get 26

try with and without the ‘volume down’ button pressed. the state should change, otherwise there is an issue with the button. You can repeat the above for each button. See the relevant bcm pin numbers here:

… this should give you an idea of whether the problem is hardware or software. In the former case then you’ll need to contact support for a replacement. If the buttons work correctly however then post as much info gathered through herein troubleshooting steps and maybe we can figure it out together.

I have followed all the instructions in the suggested order.

The very high volume level continues, this situation is observed via Web access. (The speaker is disconnected according to the instructions)

It is not possible to control the volume level via Web. The volume indicator always returns to the rightmost level, indicating that it is too high.

After about 2 or 3 minutes the board rbp zero w, it turns itself off.

I suspect that the phatbeat card is in permanent hardware damage.

I look forward to any further help or suggestion.

Thank you.

Gonzalo Gabriel

Additionally I confirm that the volume level buttons to increase or decrease the level, do not respond

Gonzalo Gabriel