Pirate radio to scroll phat hd

has anyone had a go at scrolling track names from the pirate radio/mopidy to the scroll phat hd?

using pivumeter is it not currently possible, but might be in the future. That said, there is no reason why someone/you get some homegrown solution off the ground!

what about with phat dac instead?

hum, if I undertsand the question correctly, the DAC really has nothing to do with the hardware used for displaying data (audio-derived, or scrolling text).

… the VU meter, or rather FFT-based EQ in this case, is driven by pivumeter, which cannot (currently) switch to display audio and then magically let the python library (or anything else) display something else onto the hardware.

Like I said @gadgetoid has some plan to make that possible, in the future, but I can’t give you a timeline, or for that matter, whether his current direction of investigation can be guaranteed to provide what we are discussing here in the way discussed. Wait and see :)