Volumio + scroll phat


is there a way that the name of the music play can scroll every 15sec and when it’s not scroll, have the spectrum analyser like on this tutorial: https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/scroll-phat-spectrum-analyser


I don’t doubt it’s possible, but it would need to use Pi VU Meter and some really fundamental changes are required in Pi VU Meter before it’s possible to share its output device with another process.

Making those changes to Pi VU Meter is on my TODO list, and I have some experimental POC code in the works. I don’t know yet how you might get the track name from Volumio though, but I imagine it’s possible. Most things in software are possible, it’s just a matter of how difficult they are to figure out :D


you can use mpd commands to connect to your Pi and get track details.

I found this quite a useful place to start :



Here’s a proof-of-concept using the new socket server/client mode I’m developing for Pi VU Meter: https://github.com/pimoroni/pivumeter/blob/devel/python_server/sphd_advanced.py

It shows how the VU output on Scroll pHAT HD can be interrupted to display a message, and then resumed after.

In this case, a message can just be pushed onto the output devices queue like so:

output_device.messages.put("Blue - Eiffel 65")

All it would need to do is hook into MPD and push the current track name onto the message queue every N seconds.

This is all still very experimental code, but if you’re confident enough to play with it and help shape the API, then your feedback is always welcome!


It’s not Volumio, but rather Shairport Sync, but: