PiTFT - Retired Product


I have a couple of the older Raspberry Pi 1 Model B’s and for atleast one of them I would like to add the PiTFT screen, but as I love the pibow cases so much I would like to swap my current ninja case for a pibow that is compatible with my older 2 USB pi and that PiTFT screen.

You still sell the screen for this Pi which is great!, except the PiTFT case for the screen has been retired!

Could it possibly be brought back perhaps? Or if I ask nicely could I have the files perhaps?

I’m a university student, and my university happens to have a laser cutter so I could get it cut, but not sure how much this would cost but i’d be happy to either a) purchase one from yourselves, or b) ask my university to make me one for me.

I’d prefer option a) due to you guys having the knowledge and expertise of knowing how to cut it and so on, but if I can and have to do b) then I guess I will have to make do.

I’d prefer not to have either option, so if there are potential other options that you may come up with, please do let me know!


This older Pi? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33443 it might require some artistic license, but you should be able to modify some of the layers to fit a PiTFT.

Cutting your own case could be a learning experience :D


Too slow, Phil. I already cut him one. ;p


Yes you did, thank you ever so much for all your help and support loving the cases and the screens!