Point a noob in the right direction please?

Hi All,
I’ve recently started playing with neopixels and python on an old Pi, inspired by this project:
http://www.aoakley.com/articles/2015-11-18-raspberry-pi-christmas-led-matrix.php. and then stumbled on https://github.com/pimoroni/rpi_ws281x-python/tree/master/examples, and of course Pimoroni.
From Andrew’s project I can take a text string, convert it to a graphic, then scroll the graphic, but that seems a loop too far. Could some kind soul point me in the right direction for a simple python text scroller or library that’d work with neopixels in a serpentine 10x10 grid?

Tall order “I think”. I have several LED matrix type devices. The only one I have with an easy to use scroll text function in my Pi Foundation Sense Hat, which has an 8 x 8 RGB LED matrix. My Unicorn Hat Mini and Unicorn Hat HD all do the draw image then display image, likely because they use PIL (Pillow) to do the magic. Not a complaint per say, just an observation.
I eventually figured out how to scroll my messages the way I wanted but it wasn’t easy by any means. Mostly because my Python skills are about average.
I’m posting so it somebody does post what your looking for, I can put it aside for possible latter use myself. ;)

If anyone else is looking for similar tools, I found Whiterabbit works as a generic scroller:

I’ve got this running on 2 50-LED strands of 2811 Neopixels in a 10x10 array.