Scroll Hat on Pico: Get_Pixel()

I’m trying to implement a game that I originally wrote for Micro:Bit, but on Pico with a Scroll Hat. I need to be able to discover whether a particular LED is lit, because that’s one of the End_Game conditions. It would also be nice to be able to scroll text at the beginning of the game. These functions are missing from picoscroll library, unfortunately.

I’ve looked into the scrollhatHD library with a view to adding those functions to picoscroll myself, and it’s very clear that’s beyond my skill level (and pay grade).

Dear Pimoroni, my lover (as they say in the pirate ports of Devon), please add the functions of scrollhatHD to picoscroll, soon please!

Hi Tim,
I am with you on the wish for scrolling text - after all, that is what the Pico Scroll should be all about, isn’t it? :)
Kind regards,