Pico Displays and fonts

Hi. Is there any timeline on additional fonts for picos using any of the display packs?

I’m hoping for at least a mono space font as I’ve a few digits that I would like aligned. I’ve seen there’s some community push that works with C++ but I’m using MicroPython.

Alternatively is there a way to define our own fonts through some array or anything? 🤞🏼


I found this with a forum search, might help?
Pico Display and Fonts - Support - Pimoroni Buccaneers

Yeah that’s the post I was referencing- suppose I should have linked it. That deals with C code only at present. I’m looking for a MicroPython implementation.


Ok, I didn’t see much more, nothing of any relevance anyway. There are a few others asking about Fonts. I’ll be looking for some nice ones too at some point. I’ve been down that road with my Unicorn Hat HD and Mini Unicorn HD to use with scrolling text.

Yeah, I’d really like to provide support for MicroPython - I haven’t given up on it yet but have switched back to my clock/timer project for the time being. I asked Pimoroni directly but they replied with a link to how to build the Pico library. What I need to know is how to build the Pimoroni MicroPython library and from Windows 10 ideally. It has taken me quite a while just to get my Windows 10 machine set up to build the C/C++ libraries as I am very new to C++ and cross-compilation and have even less experience of Python.