Pico Display and Fonts

I just bought the Pico display and have it working with text on the screen but there doesn’t seem to be any information on different fonts and whatever I send it always appears in uppercase! any help on why this is and what can be done?

I think at the moment there’s no built-in way to change the font or case, it’s hard-coded because I don’t think there is any good way to support font packages on a microcontroller. There was talk of bringing in Markdown support which might allow headings, lists etc. but for fonts and casing I think you may need to figure out the character designs yoursef for the time being.

OK, thanks for the info, the font just looks too blocky when scaled up, I’ve not had this issue with other displays with arduinos!

The font included in the UF2 file uses the same character definitions for both upper and lower case. Perhaps a different font could be substituted in the next version upgrade.
A 5x8 font with proper lower case letters would be nice. This is perfectly readable on small pixel displays.

A fixed width font would be very useful.

I agree, right justification with this one is a real pain.

The font used on the Adafruit CLUE is much clearer on the same size screen - looks normal and has lower case! I’m not very happy with the current font as no space is saved by using the same shape definitions for upper and lower case.

Please change it on the next MicroPython UF2

Something like this?
I just rolled my own 5*7 Found the patterns on the web, and wrote a program in PHP to convert to C++ syntax. (NB owing to an end-of-line bug in my demo prog, ‘I’ and ‘s’ are not displayed)
Happy to upload when tidied up.

That would be brilliant. Looking forward to seeing it.
Can you get it to work with MicroPython, which has a much larger user base?

Well, I’ll happily upload the data table, but as complete Python novice, I wouldn’t presume… :-)