How do I build MicroPython uf2 file from pimoroni-pico library?


I have forked the pimoroni-pico project to add the ability to use GNU FreeFonts by making use of modified code from an Adafruit GFX library project.

This allows those fonts to be used on the Pico Explorer Base and Pico Display Pack. This is all working fine in C++ but I would like to provide the font functionality to those using MicroPython. I was expecting to find a new MicroPython uf2 file somewhere in the build folder as part of the build but it doesn’t appear to be there.

Has anyone done the above and have instructions on how I do this from a Windows 10 machine please?

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Hello, I cant believe now one replied to this great question ,I dont have the knowledge to tell you how, I’m posting to bring it back to the top for users with the no-how who might have missed the post ,lets hope !

There’s a brief explanatin of how to do it on the Pi GitHub repo, with more info in the official C SDK document.

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Thanks. I contacted Pimoroni support and they just pointed me to the standard pre-built uf2 and stated it was not something that they could help me with so I gave up and went back to my C++ clock/timer project.

I’m sorry Shoe but I don’t see info on how to build the MicroPython uf2 on Windows from the GitHub repo or the official SDK document. I see info on how to build the C++ uf2 but not the MicroPython one. Could you reference the page number that you are referring to please?

But also, it is not the standard pico-sdk MicroPython uf2 I need to build but the Pimoroni modified one that has support for Explorer base and Display pack.



This is over my head ,but I google ,and found a lot of info, so much my head is spinning ,but thought this might be somewhere to start ,and its free i think, scroll down about half way , Good Luck

Thanks for everyone’s assistance.

The good news: After spending many hours building a Linux VM so I could compile there and getting it to run properly in Hyper-V (lots of issues - don’t ask) I can now build the pico-sdk micropython uf2 in Linux!

The bad news: However, I still don’t know how to build the Pimoroni version of this despite spending even more hours on it.

I’m sorry but I’ve wasted enough of my time on this. If anybody from Pimoroni produces a step by step guide on how to build their micropython uf2 (linux or otherwise) then I’ll come back to this. But, until then, I’ll stick with C/C++.



I posted a similar topic asking how to build a pick and mix approach for micropython libraries to support both Pimoroni add-ons for the Pi-Pico and those from other vendors. Disappointingly I too got no reply.