Poor colour in V2.1 Raspberrypi Camera

Before I invest in a new camera, perhaps someone can help me? I have RPI camera V2.1 connected to a Pi model B+ running Raspbian. The colour quality for both still and video images is poor and has a “pink” cast. I have another similar camera which works perfectly on the same hardware. The only difference I have seen between a good setup and a poor one is that when I run “raspistill -v”, the poor one reports < “raspistill” Camera App (commit 7cbfbd38d982 Tainted)>. I have tried the obvious updates and upgrades but to no avail. Any thoughts or observations would be welcomed.

I think that sounds a lot like the “duff” camera is actually the Infra-Red (NOIR) version and should have included a small square of purple filter material in its packing - to be placed in front of the camera when using it in daylight.

To check that assumption - get the “duff” camera to show a picture and work any TV (or similar) remote control in front of it pointing at the camera. If you can see the remote’s output as a bright glow then it confirms you have the NOIR camera and explains the “bad colouring”.

The NoIR I believe has a dark almost black circuit board and the regular one is green.
Going by the product pictures anyway.

One thing you can try is to carefully reseat the SUN connector, the one marked J2. Lift it up with your fingernail and then plug it back in. Its one of the suggestions mentioned on the Pi Foundation forum.

I can see an LED light up on our TV remote with the regular camera, JFYI.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post so quickly, particularly Neilman. I have somehow acquired the “NOIR” camera. I didn’t realise that this camera can be used either in its “IR sensitive” mode or with the purple film which in daylight gives a black and white image. Anyway, problem solved and thanks again to all who responded.

Hi Neil.

	thank you, you have solved my problem. I’ll just have to be careful the next camera I buy that I get the right one !

Thanks again,

Mick Farmer

Hi Mick

You are more than welcome :-)

It’s always good when you haven’t actually broken anything - its good just knowing something was different - and why.