Power efficient SSD for Argon NEO 5 M.2 NVME Pi5?

Hi, any recommendation for a power efficient and cheap 500Gb nvme ssd for the Argon NEO 5 M.2 NVME Pi5?

I’m using an external usb3 4tb HDD for media. Do you think can I upgrade and boot from the nvme base and nvme ssd without encountering power issues with the external HDD mentioned above?

So moving from
Pi5 + microsd + external usb3 4tb HDD
Pi5 + nvme base + nvme ssd + external usb3 4tb HDD

I don’t expect problems here. Without heavy IO load the added current draw of the SSD is rather small. You do need a good power supply, but that should be a well known fact by now.

But I don’t understand the need for the NVME SSD. If you only use the NVME-SSD as a boot system and have all your data on the USB3-HDD, you need to have a stopwatch and look very closely to see a difference to an SD-card.