Problem running the examples with max30105

Can’t get the Max30105 to work properly. Tried out 2 different Raspberry Pi’s a zero and a Pi 2 model b. Also with different compilations (tried both lite, normal and full desktop). All max30105 installations go well but when I run “” example from the max30105-python i get following error:

Starting readings in 10 seconds…

Value: 1.00 // Mean: 1.00 // Delta: 0.00 // Change detected: False
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 99, in
temp = max30105.get_temperature()
File “build/bdist.linux-armv6l/egg/max30105/”, line 411, in get_temperature
RuntimeError: Timeout: Waiting for INT_STATUS_2, die_temp_ready.

I believe I have connected the max30105 correctly using the first 5 pins and the max30105 is lighting bright green. I do not have any other peripherals mounted at all. I can get other sensors to work on the pi’s bme680 and 1-wire temperature sensors, but I have kept all of them isolated to be able to test each one out solely. So the max30105 is purely installed from a fresh install with no prior other sensors installed.

Anybody who have any idear?


No one? Is this forum alive?

I have one of these on order so I can report back with how it goes. I don’t think there are a lot of these out there so not many have played with it.

Thanks. Hope you have more success than me :-)

Hi Again @Crowbot,

I tried to order another one just to make sure I didn’t mess up the soldering. With this one I was extra carefull while soldering. Unfortuneately I got the very same error. If you somehow find out where to find information about explanations on the pinouts on the pimoroni board please post. I have only found sparkfuns version of the chip. The pimoroni site only seems to link to githup python libraries (there are apparently two versions of the examples - both fail).

I there are anybody else out there that can chip in please help. Its quite sad that this interesting chip can’t work. For mee the smoke sensor option gives great possiblities for my fireplace

Thanks in advance

I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but I’ll try today.

I hooked mine up using the Breakout Garden mini and it worked fine. I haven’t figured it out yet but the examples work.

I had some trouble with the install and used “sudo pip3 ./” and it worked after that. Do it from the Terminal so you can see if it goes smoothly.

Thanks, good to know it works :-) I have not purchased the breakout garden since I don’t see this in use on a “real” product, but maybe I should - just to test it out. I tried the other examples and I got those to work. So here is my current status: - works - works - not working. get this “INT_STATUS_2” timeout from my initial post.

Did you try out the as well?

I bought the mini version. 3 connectors and it’s the size of a Pi Zero. The middle one is either SPI or I2C. The breakouts are a neat way of hooking up sensors for development.

I just setup this board in my garden break out. I am getting the same error. I am surprised nobody from pimoroni has addressed this

I also tried now with the breakout garden mini and same error. Now I’m trying to debug the python driver to see. Pimoroni should try to retest their board again to see if they get the same error.