Problem with my badger 2040

Hello !

I buy a badger 2040.

It’s a good product (especially the e-ink screen !) but I have a problem.

Connection to a USB port is very uncertain: the 2040 badger is rarely recognized in the Thonny or MU app.

It’s so difficult to create with it …

I tested with different Apple computers:

  • MacBook Air Apple Silicon (macOS Ventura)
  • Macbook Air Intel (macOS Monterey)

I also tried several methods to make the connection without improving the situation.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Have you tried different cables? My experience is that sometimes MCUs are very picky. Try a good data cable as short as possible.

Thank for your reply !

I also tried with different cables: this did not solve the problem.

Another soluce ?

Can you inspect the usb-c plug on the Badger with a magnifying lens for any problems? These plugs don’t have a good record. There were reports here of the plug falling off for a Tufty2040 and Pimoroni confirmed it was a hardware problem.

Does the Mac have something like a system-log? On Linux I can see plug and unplug events of usb-devices in the log. I once had a faulty device and it was constantly plugging/unplugging.

I inspect the usb-c plug on the Badger with a magnifying lens : I don’t look problem.

I don’t know if macOS have a system-log.

I buy a new small cable (10 cm) : I have the same problem.


The technical service think that is a faulty hardware because I have not having this problem with other boards and other cables.

A replacement Badger sent out for me as soon as we can.

Thank you for your help !