Badger 2040 won't go into bootsel mode

Howdy! I am trying to get up & running with my Badger 2040. Following the “getting started” guide I plugged it into my PC, pressed & released the reset button while holding the boot button. The display will flash black/white but no USB drive showed up.

I have used multiple RP2040 devices so I am somewhat familiar with loading a .uf2 and programming them with Thonny. What am I missing here?

I hold the button down while plugging in the USB lead and then release the button. You appear to plug in first and then press the button.

If it is a new Badger it should already be 'fully loaded". Why are you trying to change the UF2?

Ha! I just realized that I had a power-only USB cable- it works fine with a regular cable…