Project feasibility: Music from Mac to Pirate Audio/Raspberry Pi 4b

I’d like to be able to access music on my Mac from a Raspberry Pi 4b with a Pirate Audio Hat connected to a A/V receiver located in a different room. I want the Pi to be headless and be able to either control it with the buttons on the hat(preferred) or with an app on an android device(don’t have a iPhone) as I wont have physical access to the Mac two floors away.

It would be a big plus if I could display the song, title, artwork, etc… too. Currently the audio is in iTunes.

Is this possible? I’m not asking for a tutorial, though I wouldn’t turn one down, but just want to know if it is feasible before I buy the pirate audio hat and try to configure it.

If it works, would it be possible to add a second one, preferably with a Pi zero W, in another area? That location has a A/V receiver too.

You could look at the Squeezebox Server project.