Python API - empty - modules not always detected


Had some fun with the python API yesterday , amazing the difference using python3 and not Python makes!

Used the touch and rainbow modules, came to use and the file is empty, is this module still a work in progress?

Have you had any problems with modules being detected?
When testing I kept stopping the program which is based on using CTRL-c and then restarting the touch and rainbow modules were not always detected. Had to disconnect and reconnect.

Now to try my own program with the light module.

yes, weather and some other modules are indeed WIP. And yes, I experienced the same when breaking off a running script… truth is, cleanly exiting a Python script can be a pain, I don’t envy @gadgetoid


Yes I have played with some of the Python modules.
Those I have looked at are nicely put together [well done here]
Could you say which ones are WIP and which are good to go.


I think the entire API is slated for a makeover, that I expect not to break users scripts, but that’s just my hunch… with the firmware on the dock getting some love itself within short it may be unavoidable.

Other than that, Light/Colour/Weather are still in the aether I think, though I have no rig assembled to confirm for sure.

… I guess since I am mostly talking completely uninformed on this matter, I should really summon @gadgetoid for an authoritative answer.

Yes. This drives me crazy, but I can’t really set to fixing it until the overhaul of the Dock firmware is complete and rolled out.

The whole API feels a little clunky at the moment, and the thread management makes it sometimes difficult to exit cleanly. There’s definitely work to do!