Python for Pico display

Apparently the Raspbeerry Pi micro python doesnt work with the pimoroni pico display. How do I go about finding and downloading the pimoroni micropython version of software. I am not that familiar with Github!!

Its quite annoying not being able to see anything

They have a guide which explains everything. The custom firmware is the same as the official MicroPython firmware with Pimoroni’s software modules added in.

I have followed the instructions. I am using Raspberry Pi hardware. I download the Pimeroni Python from Github. When I copy it into the Pico folder it looks as though it is working ok. It then disconnects the drive like the raspberry pi version. but when I try and run the “import picodisplay as display” it still says “no module called ‘picodisplay’”

Can somebody explain the process using the Rasperry PI OS? I cant figure out what I am doing wrong. thanks

Try this , simple but a start. I have an explorer base with the display on it.

import picoexplorer as explorer
import from machine 
width = explorer.get_width()
height = explorer.get_height()

display_buffer = bytearray(width * height * 2)  # 2-bytes per pixel (RGB565)

explorer.set_pen(255, 255, 255)

explorer.text("Logic Analyser V1.4", 20, 40, 200)    

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Thanks but it isn’t working. Complains with a line 1 error “no module named “picoexplorer””. And “import from machine” fails as well

I think my problem is getting and installing the pimeroni python. I download it from GitHub as explained and then drop it into the RPI-RP2 folder which then closes.

Wonder whether my interpretation of the Raspberry Pi OS instructions is correct.

Thonny gives 3 options at bottom right

1 the same interpreter which runs Thonny
2 alternative python 3 interpreter or virtual environment
3 micropython (raspberry pi Pico)

There is also then 10 other options. Which do I use?

Use number 3 - PICO
I’m sorry nobody replied before - I’ve just found this.

this worked thanks - I got the pico display to work ok and have been struggling with the pico explorer. this worked first time thank you