Python for Pico display

Apparently the Raspbeerry Pi micro python doesnt work with the pimoroni pico display. How do I go about finding and downloading the pimoroni micropython version of software. I am not that familiar with Github!!

Its quite annoying not being able to see anything

They have a guide which explains everything. The custom firmware is the same as the official MicroPython firmware with Pimoroni’s software modules added in.

I have followed the instructions. I am using Raspberry Pi hardware. I download the Pimeroni Python from Github. When I copy it into the Pico folder it looks as though it is working ok. It then disconnects the drive like the raspberry pi version. but when I try and run the “import picodisplay as display” it still says “no module called ‘picodisplay’”

Can somebody explain the process using the Rasperry PI OS? I cant figure out what I am doing wrong. thanks

Try this , simple but a start. I have an explorer base with the display on it.

import picoexplorer as explorer
import from machine 
width = explorer.get_width()
height = explorer.get_height()

display_buffer = bytearray(width * height * 2)  # 2-bytes per pixel (RGB565)

explorer.set_pen(255, 255, 255)

explorer.text("Logic Analyser V1.4", 20, 40, 200)    

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Thanks but it isn’t working. Complains with a line 1 error “no module named “picoexplorer””. And “import from machine” fails as well

I think my problem is getting and installing the pimeroni python. I download it from GitHub as explained and then drop it into the RPI-RP2 folder which then closes.

Wonder whether my interpretation of the Raspberry Pi OS instructions is correct.

Thonny gives 3 options at bottom right

1 the same interpreter which runs Thonny
2 alternative python 3 interpreter or virtual environment
3 micropython (raspberry pi Pico)

There is also then 10 other options. Which do I use?

Use number 3 - PICO
I’m sorry nobody replied before - I’ve just found this.

this worked thanks - I got the pico display to work ok and have been struggling with the pico explorer. this worked first time thank you

same issue here, howd you fix?

If you are using the latest version of the Pimoroni Pico UF2 you will need to change the original demo programs as the graphics have had a MAJOR upgrade.

Use the lastest, which you can find here:
Releases · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub