Pico display

I have just purchased the pico display unit. I have tried to run the demo.py program with micropython but I get the error message that there is no module picodisplay. I am not sure how to proceed.

You need to install the MicroPython firmware which has the Pimoroni software packages rolled up inside it.

Follow the official Pimoroni guide here to do that.

As a shameless plug, I wrote some more fleshed out documentation here which explains it step by step.

Thanks for your help I had loaded the wrong firmware. It working fine now.


Can I just thank you for that documentation? I was struggling to get the display going until I had your write-up pointed out to me.

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You’re welcome! I’ve noticed that MicroPython for the Pico isn’t fantasically documented either, the official MicroPython website and the official Pico Python SDK doc conflict a bit and are also missing a few things, so I might be busy doing documentation for a while. If it’s useful for me I’m happy to put it up for other people too.

I just bought the Pico display. I had already installed the C/C++ development environment on a RPi4 and it works fine. I then followed the instructions to install the Pimoroni_Pico development using github and it installed it at the same level as Pico. The compiler ran when I did a cmake from build targeting the Pico_display. It ran for awhile and finished with errors and pointed me to the log file. Which was pretty incomprehensible to me. I decided to try to integrate the display with one of the pico examples (which all compiled fine) and started looking at the pico_display.hpp file which included st7789.hpp, which included two files from a hardware directory which did not exist.

How would you recommend me integrating your files with the Pico setup so I can write code that includes both the Pico and pimoroni-pico software?

I’m having similar issues trying to work out how to use it in a project in the pico-examples folder. I have set up the examples with Visual Studio Code on Mac and have that working.

I started by copying a project in there and renaming things so that it became my project but inherited the settings to enable it to build. I have got to the point where I have PIO code reading 8 (simulated for now) encoders and sending the data over dma to the c code. I now want to display the data on your screen. - adding include for the Pimoroni libraries inside my project produces cannot find that file errors. I have added the library reference to the CMake file inside the project folder, but not sure where else I need to declare that, or if there is a different way I should declare it.

I’m facing a similar roadblock, none of the guides I can find have explained how to integrate a hardware/SPI.h file or hardware/GPIO.h as referenced in pimoroni-pico/drivers/st77899.hpp so my make fails every time…