Rainbow HAT - Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 A+?

Hey Guys!
Only one question; is the Raspberry Pi 3 A+ Board compatible with the Rainbow HAT for Android Things!?! Thanks in advance, cheers!! :)

cant imaging why it wouldn’t be ,its just a pi3b with the usb and network plug removed , my Pi 3A+works with all my Pimoronin pHAT’s and Hats, so i will say good to go… edit , this is from the rainbow write up," Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models’" , enjoy your rainbow Hat

Cool! THX, Caperjack, have a nice Day or Night (i stay in Germany)!! ;)

your welcome ,I’m in Canada,enjoy the pi ,and take care

What he said. Usually a Hat with a 40 pin header, is compatible with any Pi with a 40 pin header. They all have the same pinout even the 4B. The 4B has some extra functions for some of the pins but the default setup is like any other Pi on first boot up with Raspbian. And its product page states the following
“Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models”

All that being said, you might still run into issues related to Buster. You won’t know until you run the installer script and start running some of the examples. They changed some stuff around in Buster that sometimes catches you out.