Rainbow HAT SPI breakout (SPI0.1) errata?

I was attempting to use the ‘SPI0.1’ interface breakout with a Pico i.MX7D (It’s SPI3.1 on this board). After looking at the lines with a scope, I found that that flipping the order of the SPI worked (i.e. label ‘MOSI’ is actually CE1, ‘MISO’ is SCL, ‘SCL’ is MISO, and ‘CE1’ is actually MOSI). I conclude that the pins on the breakout are reversed from the labeling.

Is the schematic of the Rainbow HAT available? Is this a known errata?

UART and I2C on the breakout header worked as far as I tested them.

How old is your Rainbow HAT? Looking at our production data, versus photos on the shop, it appears as though the order of labelling on MOSI, MISO, SCL and CE1 has, indeed, changed.

I don’t recall when this happened or if it’s still in the process of happening, but it was clearly wrong at some point. I’ll find out more when I can.

Some documentation of errata like these would be a good idea!

I received my Rainbow HAT indirectly in June, so it may be older. I don’t see a revision or date on my board.

+1 for errata document

They are indeed reversed. We’ve added a note to that effect to the product page. Thanks for spotting it.