Rasp Pi PICO and MIDI output

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has managed to get the Pico doing MIDI output data? I want to send live sensor data to Sonic Pi. Pico seems to handle OSC but can’t get it working with Sonic. I’ve tried Micropython and Circuitpython - usb_midi doesn’t do MIDI output.
Any advice appreciated!

I caught this guy’s video which might be able to offer some pointers, to MIDI and micro python.

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Hey, thanks very much! Amazing how he builds the key too :)
It’s interesting how he uses GPIO. I couldn’t find a library for Micropython that does MIDI out, only one that does midi receive.
So in the meantime I started using CircuitPlayground, which handles MIDI out. This allows me to ping to webMIDI and then hopefully to Sonic Pi.
Thanks for your help.