Pico rgb keypad receive USB midi to control LEDS?

Hi there,

I am new to programming so my apologies in advance for any silly questions.
I was wondering if there is any way to control the LEDs on a pico RGB keypad via midi.?
Note on and offs would be great but midi control messages would also be helpful.

Basically i want to use the keypad as a midi controller for a sequenzer I built in Pure Data.
I got the keypad already working as a note on/off send controller using circuit python which is great but it would be interesting to have a visual feedback of events coming from the sequenzer.
Is this possible to do with midi receive?

Are there any example patches on that matter by any change? I’ve been searching the forum and internet about this but so far no luck.

Thanks in advance.

Did you have a look at Adafruit’s midi-library: Introduction — Adafruit MIDI Library 1.0 documentation?

Thanks for your swift reply bablokb
I did have a look at the Adafruit Midi Library documentation.
However I couldn’t work out how to map incoming midi note on/off message to the LED’s on/off states.
So I am in doubt if it is even possible.
To be honest this is probably due to the lack of programming skills.
But if someone could tell me if this is possible I would at least have the confidence to further pursue this idea and I am sure I’ll work it out eventually once I learned more about coding.


Just realised I didn’t understand the question. To answer more accurately, what you’re trying to do is pretty complicated. You would probably need to use UART, not midi. Apart from that, I am not sure I can help you.