Pico RGB Keypad Midi Controller issue

Heyyy all,

So I was trying @sandyjmacdonald 's Sample code. But once I uploaded the code, it would work for about a minute and all of a sudden stop working. No lights, no midi, nada, It would also eject the circuitpico external Drive. I unplugged it and plugged it back in but it wouldn’t work at all, and the circuitpico external drive didn’t appear either. I had to remove my pico board from the keypad base to get my Mac to recognise the board again. I have two pico’s and both have this issue.

I feel like something might be wrong with the Keypad, but when running examples using MicroPython it’s fine. Has anyone else had any issue like this? Could there be an issue with keypad? I also notice that my usb hub has lights for the devices it’s powering, when I plug it in, the light comes on, then 5 seconds later flickers on and off then just turns off. So that’s making me believe it could be the keypad.

Any thoughts or help would be amazing!

Sam :D

Try it connected directly to the machine (i.e. not through the hub) and see if it still exhibits the problem. If it still does I would then try it with a different USB cable. I’ve destroyed one USB cable already just by plugging and unplugging hundreds of times. These steps will help rule out the hub and cable as being the problem.

Same is happening on two different computers and cables. :/