Raspberry Pi Camera Mount

Hi, I have just bought 2 of the new Raspi Cameras, V2. Yey.

I fitted the standard camera into a Raspberry Pi Camera Mount that I purchased from you a couple of years ago. The camera does not fit into the recess. The hole is to small. (In both my Pi Camera Mounts.)

I was under the impression from the Foundation announcement post that the camera was a drop-in replacement, however this appears not to be so.

I did secure the camera to the case using the screws and nuts, however this induced a slight flex in the camera board,which I didn’t notice until the camera produced slightly out of focus images. When I loosened the screws on the mount the image was fine, although not firmly held and not a long term solution.
(BTW the images are v. good in comparison to the old camera, so I would recommend the update.)

I have a couple of questions:
Should the Pi Camera V2 fit in the existing case?
Are you planning a new version of the Pi Camera Mount anytime soon?
Do you need any more info, e.g. Photo?
Any suggestions?



The new camera (as you’ve found out) has a slightly bigger lens. The camera mount has been updated with a slightly larger hole. The mounting holes are still in the same place. So if you want to use your existing mount you may need to enlarge your hole.

Hope this helps


I have enlarged mine using a small file and an xcatco knife… your really only talking 0.5mm on each side ;-)