Pi 4, PiBow Coupe and the Camera port

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I have just got a Pi 4 with a Pibow Coupe case which all fits beautifully; however I can foresee problems when I want to start using the Pi Camera modules with my students… There is absolutely no room to get to the camera port clamp unless I start trying with a small screw driver… I would prefer that my students were not sticking screw drivers anywhere near my Pi 4s!

Has anyone else used the new Pi 4 Coupe case with the camera module?



Yes, I have a camera connected to my Pi 3B+ and some 3A+'s in the coupe cases. While not ideal, I take the top layer off of the case to unlock the locking bar. Or attach the camera cable before I put the case on. I’m not adding or removing my camera with any frequency though. My setups were purpose built with the camera being connected in mind.
Do you own a dremel tool? If yes carefully make the opening on that top layer bigger. You could likely also do it with a drill. Start small and slowly work up to a bigger drill .

Ummm… Not ideal at all really; I am using these in the classroom and had wanted the students to be connecting the camera modules themselves, so they understand how to do it… Not too keen on opening up the hole either, as there is only 1mm between the camera port hole and the 3.5mm jack hole on this case… I think I will have to either permanently connect the cameras or return the cases for something with a little more space to play with…

You could just leave that clear top layer off? It wouldn’t be any worse than the official case with the top removed? Or any other case with camera connector access.

That’s tempting… I might try them without the top layer…

I took a quick look and a lot of cases either have no camera cable slot at all, which means leaving their cover off, like the official Pi case. Or had a small slot for the cable, and you’d have to take the cover off to attach the cable, then put it back on after.

These may come in handy, if you haven’t found something similar.

You should be able to attach the cable even with the camera already in the holder.

Thanks, I have those on all of my newest camera modules and they have certainly increased the life of the camera board. I had thought about threading the camera cable into the PiBow cases and just having my students connect the camera to the cable…

This is what I did. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjOYwiwlwDtpgtIa6dhTBqnE9W-LcA
Pi 3A+'s running motion eye headless.

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That’s nice; but a little more permanent than what I need in the classroom… We only use the camera modules for one term’s project… And then only with one of the year groups… Ideally I would have them put away at the end of each of those lessons…

I may have to resort to connecting them up myself using a small screwdriver at the start and end of each lesson…

Yeah mine are a more permanent setup as thats likely the only use those Pi 3A’s will see. For the foreseeable future anyway. I just felt like sharing what I did with mine. All my pi builds are here if you want to have a look see.

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If you take a paper clip, open one end straight, then put a tiny right angle bend in the end. It might be enough to gently pull up the looking bar, with the case on. Just open them all up before that class and let the students lock them down. They can learn to unlock it using the camera one. Its the same connector.

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Yeah, that might work… I will give a test tomorrow 😀